Transportation & Parking Commission

The Transportation and Parking Commission (TaP) consists of seven members appointed for staggered terms of three years each. Members are appointed by the Mayor, including the designation of chairperson, subject to confirmation by the Council. 

TaP has the following powers and duties:

  • To receive, investigate, evaluate and report to the Council on requests made by the Village Council, by the Village Manager or through a completed petition respecting transportation activities on public property. These transportation activities will encompass the following:
  • Transportation of people and materials
  • Parking
  • Traffic, including control, daily trends and abatement
  • Pedestrians and non-motor vehicle traveling persons
  • Traffic signage
  • To conduct public meetings on proposed policies and plans when considered necessary by the commission, Village Council or as required by ordinance, State or federal law or regulation.
  • To conduct public meetings respecting any such request; and to submit written findings and recommendations to the Village Council, setting forth its conclusions and recommendations respecting such matters or recommending alternatives thereto.
  • To conduct such other meetings as it may deem necessary or appropriate, and to investigate such other inquiries, studies or other matters as the Village Council or Village Manager may from time to time refer to the commission.


  • 7 members


  • Members serve for 3 years; terms are staggered.
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Staff Liaison

Joseph Weesner

Transportation Manager