Taxes and Tax Rates

The tax rate paid on a purchase made in Downers Grove may be different than if you purchased the same item in a neighboring community.

As a home rule entity, Downers Grove has the authority to enact taxes to benefit overall Village operations.

Below are answers to questions about Village taxes and rates applied.

Taxes and Tax Rates

Illinois has three sales tax structures. Rates paid in Downers Grove are:

General Merchandise: 8%

Qualifying Food and Drug: 1.75%

Items required to be titled or registered: motor vehicles, ATVs, watercraft, aircraft, trailers, and mobile homes. 7%

Property tax bills are issued by DuPage County on or about May 1st of each year for the preceding tax year (e.g. tax bills issued in 2024 apply to 2023 taxes).

Your property tax bill is made up of payments to a number of separate local government units including county, township, village, library, fire district, park district, and various school districts. 

Your tax bill is computed based on the assessed value of your property multiplied by a tax rate.

As a Home Rule community, the Village can assess a municipal tax on certain utility services. These charges can be found on the bill you receive from the service provider.

Natural Gas: $.015/therm (NICOR)

Telecommunications: 3.5% (phones, cable, internet)

Electricity: 6.0% (ComEd)

Hotel Tax: 4.5%

Food and Beverage Tax: 1.5% (applies to restaurants and prepared foods, etc.)

Motor Fuel Tax: $0.015/gallon

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