Stormwater & Floodplain Oversight Committee

The Stormwater Committee is required by DuPage County ordinance. The Committee consists of seven members and has the following powers:

  • To hear any appeal from any requirement, application, interpretation or determination made by the Administrator in the enforcement of this Ordinance or from the inclusion therein of any special condition.
  • To hold public hearings and make decisions or recommendations regarding appeals and proposed variations to this Ordinance.
  • To review and recommend amendments to this Ordinance
  • To perform such other duties and functions as the Village Council may from time to time direct.

Within sixty (60) days after the close of each calendar year, the Committee shall report in writing to the Village Council. Such annual report shall describe the activities of the Committee for such year and shall include an estimate of the expenses of the Committee anticipated for the next succeeding fiscal year. The Committee is authorized to make such other and further reports and recommendations to the Village Council as it shall deem necessary or desirable. From time to time, the Village Council may also request the Committee to make recommendations with respect to particular matters.


  • 7 members


  • Members serve for 3 years; member terms are staggered.
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Staff Liaison

Julie Lomax

Stormwater Administrator