Map Services

It's all about putting Downers Grove on a map. That's what our Geographic Information Systems (GIS) staff does. We map what matters.

A GIS system captures, stores, analyzes and displays geographically referenced information, or data, identified by location.

Where are parkway trees planted and what kind are they? Yep, we've got that. What kind of information can I find about my property? Enter an address and presto! You can find zoning, school districts and more.

Parcel Navigator

Enter an address in Parcel Navigator (PNav) and choose the layers of data you want to see displayed.

Standard Maps

The following maps are available for a small printing fee:

  • Streets 24×36 ; Street Names, Parcels, Village Limits
  • Zoning 24×36; Zoning Boundaries & Codes, Parcels, Street Names, Village Limit, Agreement Boundaries, Planned Developments
  • Future Land Use 24×36; Land Use Boundaries & Codes, Parcels, Street Names, Village Limit, Agreement Boundaries
  • Aerial Photo 36×36; Color 1” = 100’ Aerial Photo by Quarter Section (1/2 foot pixel)
  • Contours 36×36; Aerial Photo with Contours by Quarter Section
  • Misc. Maps 11×17; Any of the above maps as 11×17 or simple site maps.

Custom Maps

We can produce a custom map for you with the following layers of information to choose from: (Price depends on actual cost of reproduction.)

  • Address Points (only available on certain maps)
  • Aerial Photo (1/2 foot Color)
  • Agreement Boundaries
  • Contour Lines
  • Downtown Parking Layers
  • Land Use Boundaries & Codes
  • Parcels
  • Planned Developments
  • Street Names
  • Trees
  • Village Limit
  • Zoning Boundaries & Codes

PDF Maps
Village of Downers Grove | Street Map | pdf

Village of Downers Grove | Zoning Map | pdf

Village of Downers Grove | Future Land Use Map | pdf

Interactive Maps

Get acquainted with the features in our GIS Interactive Maps.

What does GIS do?

Take a look at our GIS team at work in the field.

Municipal Maps

Visit our Map Gallery with pre-determined data.

Maps include Downers Grove Foursquares and Historic Resources.

DuPage County Benchmarks

The DuPage County Maps & Application Portal is an interactive site which provides access to maps and applications for inquiry and analysis of DuPage County data.

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