Municipal Election Statement

January 20, 2021

The recent events surrounding the 2020 Presidential Election and resulting transition of power to a duly-elected President have prompted an increased interest in the upcoming municipal election here in Downers Grove.

The Village of Downers Grove is led by the Village Council, a seven member governing body elected by the residents of our Village. As a local government component of the democratic republic of the United States, guided by the Constitution, the Village supports democratic elections at all levels of government. It is imperative that every registered voter have the opportunity to participate in the voting process and have confidence in the results. The Village respects and honors the results of the municipal election process as they reflect the will of the voters, as expressed in their vote selections.

The next municipal election, which will result in the selection of three Village Council members, will be held on April 6, 2021. The elected candidates will be sworn in as Village Council members in May 2021. A peaceful transition of Council members will take place during a Village Council meeting. 

All residents are encouraged to exercise their Constitutional right to participate in the election process. The election is managed and overseen by the DuPage County Clerk Election Division, which operates under State election laws to promote accurate, efficient, accessible and secure elections in DuPage County. 

Information about the municipal election can be found at the DuPage County Clerk Election Division.