Human Service Commission

The Human Service Commission (HSC) consists of seven members appointed for staggered terms of three years each, and an ex-officio member representative of a Downers Grove unit of local government. The HSC has the following powers and duties:

  • To review and evaluate matters of social concern in the Village, including issues related to youth, senior citizens, families, minorities and other social groups.
  • To consider such matters of social concern as may be referred to them by the Village Council and to recommend the adoption of policies or ordinances or the taking of other actions in the best interest of the Village as a whole.
  • To consider the benefits to individuals and the public of proposed policies and actions and to consider the public and private costs and sources of revenue to support such policies and actions.
  • To hear and investigate any matter referred to it by a court pursuant to the procedures set forth in DGMC Section 13A.24 and DGMC Section 13A.25 of the Fair Housing Article, Chapter 13A.


  • 7 members
  • 1 ex-officio member (from a local unit of government)


  • Members serve for 3 years; terms are staggered.
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