Environmental Concerns Commission

The Environmental Concerns Commission (ECC) consists of seven members appointed for staggered terms of three years each. Members are appointed by the Mayor, including the designation of chairperson, subject to confirmation by the Council. 

The ECC has the following duties:

  • To develop, prepare and review plans for the prevention, abatement, or control of environmental pollution, including but not limited to: air, water, land, and noise as directed by the Council and Village Manager.
  • To develop, prepare and review plans encouraging the conservation of energy, materials, and natural resources by private citizens and public agencies in the Village as directed by the Council and Village Manager.
  • To promote and encourage close cooperation between the Village and private citizens and public agencies interested in conducting natural resource, conservation, and/or environmental activities so that all such activities may be promoted and coordinated in a manner to secure the greatest benefit to the public welfare.
  • To recommend the adoption of policies or ordinances and amendments or additions to existing ordinances that would encourage conservation of materials, energy and/or natural resources and aid in environmental control.
  • To promulgate and effect a program of publicity and educational programs relating to environmental pollution and energy/material conservation.
  • To investigate and review environmental and conservation programs and services available to residents of the Village from various State and local agencies, public and private, and to establish a method of communicating this information to the public.
  • To seek, through education and dissemination of information, to achieve voluntary compliance with the policies and objectives of Article IV of Chapter 13 of this Code, from all persons in the Village whose activities may have a material impact on environmental pollution.
  • At the direction of the Council or Village Manager, to conduct studies, investigations and research into matters affecting environmental quality control and energy management.
  • To take such other action as the Council may from time to time expressly authorize or direct.


  • 7 members


  • Members serve 3 year terms; terms are staggered.
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