Community Events Commission

The Community Events Commission makes recommendations to the Village Council regarding the use of public property for community events by reviewing special event temporary use applications.

The commission consists of seven members. The members, including the designation of the chairperson, are appointed by the Mayor, subject to confirmation by the Village Council. Members are appointed for staggered terms of three years each. Each member must either reside within the corporate limits of the Village; or be an employee, officer, manager or owner of a business which has one or more business locations within the corporate limits of the Village. In addition, the Manager of the Downtown Management Corporation or his/her designee and the President of the Economic Development Corporation or his/her designee serve on the Commission as non-voting, ex-officio members.

The Community Events Commission has the following powers and duties:

  • To make recommendations to the Village Council regarding issues that will affect public community events that involve the use of public property and/or services in Downers Grove.
  • To review and evaluate new and existing events and requests for other events that utilize public property and/or public services and make recommendations to the Village Council concerning their value as a community event.
  • To review various documents that pertain to the planning of, or which govern the operation of, a specific event.
  • To coordinate, supervise, publicize and encourage the widest possible participation in any community wide celebration that the Village Council may decide to support.
  • To evaluate any community event and to provide the Council with an evaluation and/or recommendation.
  • To establish reasonable rules and regulations governing the functions of the Community Events Commission, consistent with the powers and duties set forth herein.
  • To perform such functions and activities in addition to the foregoing as the Village Council may from time to time direct.


  • 7 voting members
  • 2 non-voting ex-officio members: (one from Downtown Management and one from the Economic Development Corporation.)


  • Members serve for 3 years; terms are staggered.
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