Boards and Commissions

Boards and Commissions play an advisory role in government by making recommendations to assist the Village Council in decision making and policy implementation.

Boards and Commissions meet only when there are agenda items to warrant a meeting. Generally speaking, meetings are scheduled when a petition for an action is submitted or when the Village Council refers an item to a board for consideration.

Each board or commission has a staff liaison, appointed by the Village Manager, to assist members and provide meeting preparation guidance.

Serving on a Board or Commission

The process for appointing residents to Boards and Commissions is guided by Village Council policy.

While each board or commission has unique requirements, the most important candidate attribute is passion for our community.

General Requirements

  • Must be a resident of incorporated Downers Grove.
  • Enjoy interaction with the community and Village Council.
  • Possess a genuine interest in the mission of the board they wish to serve.
  • Attend scheduled meetings.

Candidates are encouraged to attend meetings of their choice before submitting an application.

Library Board of Trustees

This board is required by state law. The six members of the Board of Trustees are appointed by the Village Council to staggered terms of six years.

Please note: The Downers Grove Public Library is a self-governing entity. Policy decisions made by the Library Board of Trustees with regard to library operations, programs, etc. are not within the Village's authority.

TIF Joint Review Board

This board is required by state law.

Serve Your Community

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Apply for a Board or Commission

Applications can be submitted at any time and a confirmation will be sent when it is received. As vacancies become available, applications will be reviewed for appointment.

Applications are active for two years from the date of receipt.

Meeting Schedule

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As meetings are necessary, boards and commissions meet on the following schedule.

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