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Village AAA Bond Rating Affirmed

S&P AAA graphic

July 28, 2022 The Village of Downers Grove is proud to announce that S&P Global Ratings has again affirmed the Village of Downers Grove's AAA Bond Rating, the highest rating issued by the agency. 

The Village has held this rating since 2013, allowing for the financing of infrastructure projects at the lowest possible cost to taxpayers. The rating review was performed in conjunction with the planned bond issuance of approximately $39.5 million. The funds will be used to construct a new combined Police Station and Village Hall facility and several new stormwater management capital projects.

The S&P Global summary report cited the Village's Long-Range Financial Plan and Capital Improvement Plan as contributing factors for the AAA rating, while also acknowledging the following:

  • History of strong financial performance
  • Strong financial management practices and policies 
  • Strong institutional framework
  • Steadily growing tax base