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Caring For Trees

The large cottonwood tree located in the Rogers Street parkway east of Highland Avenue was removed on March 17, 2021, due to stability issues and safety concerns. An assessment of the tree was completed in July 2019 and presented options that included significant pruning or removal. At that time, after carefully evaluating the options, the Village chose to prune the tree and monitor its condition.

 Since then the tree has been inspected every three months. Unfortunately, the condition of the tree has deteriorated to the point where pruning is no longer possible, and removal is required for safety reasons.  

This cottonwood has stood watch over the neighborhood for 150 years and even witnessed the construction of the Tivoli Theater in 1928. Plans are underway regarding tree replacement options.

One of the reasons the community has enjoyed the benefits of this tree for so long is the care provided by the Village.  Preserving and increasing the number, health, and value of parkway trees is a major focus of the Village's approach to urban forestry, earning the Tree City USA designation for 37 straight years.

To see the complete inventory of the more than 22,570 parkway trees maintained by the Village, visit the Village Trees interactive map.