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Village Recognized For Excellence in Stormwater Management

Stormwater Award

The Village of Downers Grove has been recognized for "Excellence in Stormwater Management" by the Illinois Association for Floodplain & Stormwater Management (IAFSM).  

The Village has been a proactive leader in Stormwater Management since the 1970's.  Highlights from this decades long commitment include:

  • Reducing the frequency and severity of flooding by constructing 78 stormwater capital improvement projects at a cost of $38 million over the past 10 years

  • Strengthening stormwater regulations in 2018 to reduce the negative impacts of runoff caused by development activity

  • Regulating local poor drainage areas in a manner similar to federally mapped floodplains

  • Implementing a stormwater utility in 2013 resulting in an equitable method to collect revenue based on a property's impact to the stormwater system

  • Purchasing and demolishing qualifying houses built in floodplains and poor drainage areas

Mayor Tully and Public Works Director Nan Newlon were presented the award by Sarah Hunn,  IAFSM Board Member and Deputy Director of DuPage County Stormwater Management at the March 19, 2019 Village Council meeting.

"While we certainly have more work to do in this area, it is gratifying to know that outside organizations recognize the significant strides the Village has made over the years in terms of creatively addressing and funding meaningful solutions to chronic stormwater challenges facing our community." Mayor Tully said.

Congratulations Downers Grove and many thanks to the Public Works Department for all their efforts to make it possible.