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Residential Burglaries

The Downers Grove Police Department would like to inform all residents that there have been recent reports of residential burglary in a particular part of the community. Since November 1, there have been three similar residential burglaries that occurred south of 63rd Street, east of Fairmount, west of Fairview and north of 75th Street. The offenders gained entry to the homes by prying entry doors or first floor windows. These burglaries are occurring when the residents are not home. Items taken have been jewelry, collectibles, and electronics.  

 Call 911 immediately if you observe any of the following:

  • Unfamiliar subjects appearing from between homes
  • Unfamiliar subjects knocking on doors and then going to the rear of the residence
  • Unusual dog barking
  • Suspicious, unfamiliar, occupied vehicles

Develop a relationship with neighbors in which you watch each other's home while away.  "Neighborhood Watch" is a proven method of crime prevention through reporting suspicious activity to the police department. Check your landscaping to keep your driveway and yard area open and visible to neighbors. 

Don't be an easy target.  Lock all doors when you leave the residence, at night, and even when you are home.  Lock all first floor windows with auxiliary lock mechanisms. Basement window-wells should be secured with interior locks that allow emergency exit in case of fire.

If you have a security alarm, use it.  Be sure to activate your security system, even when you will not be gone long. A burglary can occur within a very short time frame; Burglars may be watching when a resident leaves to commit a burglary. An alarm system will only be effective if it is activated.

DO NOT enter the house if you suspect you have been burglarized.  If you approach your residence, and it appears to have broken into, do not enter.  Call the police immediately.  The burglar may still be in the residence.  The responding police officer will check and secure the residence for you.

There is always a patrol car in your area.  Call 9-1-1 anytime you observe a suspicious person, vehicle or activity.