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Staying Safe in Parking Lots and at Home

The Downers Grove Police Department reminds residents of the following safety tips: 

  • Use caution when approaching your car in a parking lot. Be sure you look around when approaching your parked car - especially after dark or in parking garages. Don't be distracted with your cell phone;  instead, be alert and aware. If you see anyone that seems suspicious, call 9-1-1.
  • If an offender tries to steal your purse or car - give it up immediately. No property is worth jeopardizing your safety. Keep one or two credit cards in your wallet that can be easily cancelled if stolen, instead of cash. 
  • Do not leave your vehicle idling - even for a very short time. It's tempting to just dash in and drop a child off at school or daycare and leave the car running, with your purse and other valuables inside. Always take the keys to your car with you and lock it anytime you leave it.
  • Don't give a thief an opportunity to "window shop" in your car. Don't allow criminals to view valuables or packages inside your car when it is parked in your driveway or in public parking lots. While burglars "prefer" to target unlocked vehicles, if there are valuables inside, they will not hesitate to break a window.
  • Lock your car - even in your driveway. Car burglaries typically occur when vehicles were left unlocked in the owner's driveway.

These crimes happen in both residential areas, as well as in public parking lots.  Remember to always lock your vehicle upon exiting it - even when your vehicle is parked in your driveway.