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Product Safety Message re: Dehumidifiers

In the last few years the Downers Grove Fire Department has responded to multiple fires where the results of the investigations determined that a portable home dehumidifier was the cause of the fire. While the fires were not the result of a particular model or even a sole manufacturer, each of them were caused by a dehumidifier with a plastic housing. All fires were relatively small and extinguished quickly but caused extensive smoke damage which resulted in the homeowners not being able to return for several weeks. 

Investigators discovered many product recalls for multiple dehumidifiers. The amount of fires related to the number of dehumidifiers used in Downers Grove is relatively small, however there have been 121 fires across the country related to recalled dehumidifiers. 

The DGFD would like residents to be aware of the recalls and where to check to see if yours may be on the list of recalls. You can check these sites for answers.