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DGPD is Tops in IL Traffic Safety Challenge

The Downers Grove Police Department received recognition in the 2014 Illinois Traffic Safety Challenge as the top agency in the state for municipal agencies with 66 to 100 sworn officers for their overall approach to traffic safety.

Traffic safety is one of the highest priorities for the Downers Grove Police Department. Police personnel work year-round to educate our citizens, beginning with preschool students, on the importance of being safe in a vehicle, on a bike, and as a pedestrian. Aggressive and consistent traffic enforcement, coupled with educational efforts, offer the greatest chance of reducing the incidence of traffic crashes, injuries and fatalities.

The following statistics support the department's traffic safety efforts:

  • Seat Belt use is up! More people are buckling up in Downers Grove. Our seat belt compliance rate increased to 97.6%. This compliance rate is better that the State of Illinois compliance rate of 94.1%.
  • There were no traffic related deaths in Downers Grove in 2014.
  • The total number of traffic crashes with injuries was reduced and the number of crashes in our high traffic volume locations was also reduced when compared to the 2014 statistics. 

Chief Porter will be attending the Illinois Traffic Safety Challenge awards ceremony in August to accept the award.