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Police Investigate Suspicious Incident

On May 12, 2015, at approximately 7:44 p.m., a woman entered the women's bathroom at Whitlock Park. The woman saw that a person wearing black gym shoes with black soles and black shoelaces, and khaki pants (no further description) was standing behind a stall door peering out through the crack of the stall door. Believing it to be a man, the woman exited the bathroom and waited outside for the subject to leave.  An unidentified child exited the bathroom at this point.  It is not known if there was any contact between the person in the stall and the girl.

Another woman arrived and she, along with the first witness, entered the bathroom together only to find that the suspicious person was still in there. The two women then left the bathroom and called police. When officers arrived, the bathroom was vacant. There is no further information on the person.

Patrols have been increased at all parks. The Police Department would like to remind parents to review stranger danger practices with their children. Children should also be instructed to run to a parent or guardian and get help immediately if approached by a stranger. The police should then be called as soon as possible.

Anyone with additional information regarding this incident is being asked to contact this Police Department immediately (630) 434-5600.