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Police Warn of Latest Phone Scam

The Downers Grove Police Department would like to alert our citizens to the latest telephone scam. A citizen contacted the Crime Prevention Unit and advised that they received a suspicious phone call at their home. The resident checked caller ID before answering his phone and was surprised to see his own home phone number displayed. The resident answered the call, but the caller then hung up without speaking.

The technology exists that allows a caller to use a phony name and telephone number on your caller ID system. The typical way a scammer utilizes this technology is to display a financial institution or governmental agency on your caller ID. The scammer then gains your trust and attempts to lure you into providing sensitive financial information. 

Per the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), caller ID spoofing is illegal if it is used with the intent of defrauding, causing harm, or wrongfully obtaining anything of value. Persons receiving these types of calls are encouraged to contact the FCC by phone (1-888-CALL-FCC) to file a complaint. 

As with any other suspicious phone call, never provide personal and/or financial information to any incoming phone call. If you receive a call, hang up, and call the financial institution or governmental agency directly via the phone number given on your banking statement or the agencies website.