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Tivoli Enterprises Recognized As Green Business

Tivoli Enterprises, owner of Classic Cinemas, the Tivoli Theater, Tivoli Hotel and Tivoli Bowling Alley, is officially a Downers Grove Green Business. Awarded by the Environmental Concerns Commission and the Village Council on October 7, 2014, the Green Business designation recognizes the Tivoli's efforts in environmental sustainability.

Many of the Tivoli's green practices can be replicated by other businesses. They include practices in the following areas:

Water Conservation - The Tivoli has replaced fixtures in bathrooms and office buildings to reduce water usage. Water usage is regularly tracked, existing sprinkler systems are on timers to reduce water consumption, and landscaping is designed to withstand dry conditions.

Waste Reduction and Recycling - The Tivoli recently introduced recycling in its bowling alley for cans and bottles. It uses environmentally friendly cleaning materials and has reduced printing and copying by using a cloud platform for sharing documents and re-uses packing supplies.

Energy Efficiency - Using ComEd's Smart Ideas program, the Tivoli has replaced lighting with more efficient LED, CFL or T8 fluorescent lights. Hot water pipes and refrigeration lines are insulated, and the windows and doors are weatherproofed.

Building Preservation -  Tivoli Enterprises has preserved historic buildings in multiple communities, which results in fewer materials being transported to landfills.

For more information visit the Green Business website or contact Allison Deitch at 630.434.5525.