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Downers Grove Awarded $820,000 FEMA Grant

Village Manager Dave Fieldman has announced that Downers Grove has been awarded a $820,211 grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) as part of the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program. The funds will be used for the acquisition and demolition of flood prone properties in the flood plain.

"This grant award allows the Village to mitigate flooding and reduce flood risk on behalf of residents and property owners,"  Manager Fieldman said.

Permanently removing structures from the flood plain reduces the financial impact to individuals and the communities where flooding occurs.

The Village's ongoing efforts to effectively manage stormwater also resulted in a 20% flood insurance premium discount for property owners within the flood plain, and 10% discount for all others.  The proactive approaches taken by the Village to reduce flood risk including flood protection standards, local flood studies, and open space preservation were cited by FEMA as factors which contributed to the ratings improvements.