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Bicycle and Unclaimed Property

The Village of Downers Grove will be using to sell the following items of unclaimed property.

If you believe any of these items belong to you, please contact Property Control Officer Dru Ingram at (630) 434-5637, before AUGUST 22, 2014. Items will go up for sale on the PropertyRoom site on that date.

Table 1: A list of unclaimed property for sale.
MakeColorSerial Number
Next Orange GS070667166
Huffy Maroon None
Dynacraft Red 43598900
Schwinn Red PL02B00955
Huffy Silver K02H007529
Quasar Multi-colored CS01122916
Rallye Pink HS090802812
Royce Union Blue FC19951490
Columbia Black YL9K1663
 Roadmaster Blue  SNFSD12MW44868 
Next Silver LBH2051B
Roadmaster Green RMC23464864
Trek Multi-colored WTU244CO698F
Chaos Black LX120305150
Huffy Champagne AC17J03920
Schwinn Multi-colored 00TD8582
Murray Blue M0N0221892
Schwinn Black SNFSD07F83588
Huffy Multi-colored AL13D041074
Dynasty Blue 718-47184060905708
Ranger Blue None
Huffy Blue SNHBC10M12763
Schwinn Purple None
Diamondback Pink 06H0080927
Huffy Pink  K458790415H6143 
Next Blue/Silver 880040180/SFCTD
Roadmaster Red SB0101008
GT Compe Blue SAN003362
Performance Blue U31201421
Mongoose Blue NG06100346
Mirraco Edit Black/Green WTU287P0209F
Roadmaster Silver SMFS125
Diamondback Silver 08A0036807
Next White/Pink DM07E76066
Huffy Green 6694939741346136
Magna Glacier Point DJFA008791/DJEA008971

Miscellaneous Items

  • Razor brand scooter: Serial Y705152413
  • Miscellaneous golf clubs
  • Wooden skateboard
  • Wilson brand titanium tennis racket