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Snow and Ice Ops Plan Revised for 2014-15 Season

The 2013-14 winter season presented many service delivery challenges for snow operations. The duration and magnitude of the winter tested the limits of the Village's response system.

 After reviewing operations for the season, staff determined that the service delays could be attributed to the factors noted below, and identified several operational changes that are being implemented to improve services.

Contributing Factors

  • The severity of the winter season, including the number of snowfalls greater than 4".
  • The configuration of the snow routes.
  • A shortage of snow plow drivers due to injuries.
  • A shortage of fully functioning snow equipment.
  • A regional salt shortage.

Operational Improvements for 2014-15 and Beyond

SMALL PNGPublic Domain   Snow Route Improvements  Changes are being proposed for the 10 snow routes to improve efficency and reduce the total amount of time it takes to make one complete pass through the Village. 

SMALL PNGPublic Domain Staffing Improvements  The number of available snow plow drivers has been increased. Existing staff members currently assigned to other tasks will be used as drivers when needed. Back-up drivers will be used with greater frequency to improve their familiarity with the routes and improve efficiency. In the case of extended staffing reductions due to injuries, staff will evaluate the need to fill the vacancy with termporary employees. 

SMALL PNGPublic Domain Vehicle Improvements - The number of vehicles capable of effectively plowing streets in large events has been increased. The Village recently purchased a 5-ton truck that will be used for snow operations. Further, the third wheel loader will most likely be equipped and used for snow operations. 

SMALL PNGPublic Domain Salt  Supply Improvements - A new, larger salt dome is being constructed. This will allow the Village to purchase and receive a full-season supply of salt prior to the start of the winter season. Further, the Village has secured a second salt supply contract, bidding with DuPage County and a group of additional municipalities and townships. Having two salt supply vendors will improve reliability and reduce the likelihood of not receiving salt deliveries in a timely manner