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Modernized Zoning Ordinance Will Support Community Vision

The Zoning Ordinance has undergone a comprehensive update that will provide the improved technical guidance needed to achieve the community's vision for the physical surroundings of the Village. The vision was developed as part of the Total Community Development 3 public engagement process and is expressed within the Comprehensive Plan.  

The modernized Zoning Ordinance takes effect on June 15, 2014, and includes the following improvements:

User Friendly Document

The Zoning Ordinance is now easier to read and has been formatted to make greater use of graphics and tables. It relies on hyperlinks to help the user quickly find related topics both within the document and elsewhere in the Municipal Code or other documents online.

Enhanced Neighbor Communication

Adjacent properties within a certain distance of a subject property are required to be notified by mail of public hearings. Based on public input, the distance for public notification has been modified to encompass a greater area. Additionally, neighborhood meetings are required for certain zoning requests and are encouraged in all cases.

Modernized to Address Technology

Advances in green technologies and practices such as geothermal energy, solar panels, electric vehicles, and car sharing arrangements have been incorporated into the ordinance.

Improved Standards and Practices

Amendments have been incorporated to clarify technical standards and measures, as well as to provide greater options for making improvements to nonconforming structures.