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Village Receives $1.2 Million in Grants

Since January 2013, the Village has been awarded $1.2 million in grants for items and activities related to the following Long Range Plan goals:

  • Steward of Financial and Environmental Sustainability
  • Exceptional Municipal Services
  • Top Quality Infrastructure
  • Continual Innovation    

Federal, state and foundation grants are a significant source of funding which helps the Village reduce costs and in many instances achieve multiple goals. The Village employs a Grants Coordinator, responsible for researching, preparing and submitting grant applications based on Village needs.

One of the best examples of multi-goal achievement with grant funds is the award of a $630,000 Surface Transportation Program Grant for the resurfacing of Main Street from Franklin to Ogden. The project, scheduled for 2018, is estimated at $900,000.  This grant will greatly reduce Village costs in addition to furthering the Top Quality Infrastructure goal.

Recent grant awards from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency totaling $60,000 are being used to convert new and existing vehicles to environmentally friendlier fuels including rebates for new alternative fuel vehicles. In this case, the Village is able to reduce equipment costs, in addition to meeting its environmental sustainability goals.

Monitoring submittal deadlines, particularly for annual grant programs, is important. Over the past year. the Village has received $104,500 in Public Safety grants for recurring programs including enforcement to prevent tobacco sales to minors, traffic enforcement, bulletproof vests and railroad crossing safety. Often times grants in this category cover the overtime costs needed to provide these enhanced enforcement services.    

From safe roads to environmental stewardship, the scope and variety of grants is vast. The Village has and will continue to seek out opportunities to reduce costs and achieve its Long Range Plan goals.  More information on grant award activity is available in the attached chart.