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Police Warn of IRS Phone Scam

The Downers Grove Police Department alerts residents of a telephone scam being used by criminals in our area. The resident receives a telephone call that appears to be from the IRS. The caller tells the resident that they owe taxes that must be paid immediately. The resident may also receive official looking emails associated with the scam. The criminals are armed with enough information and technological knowledge to convince unsuspecting victims that they owe money because they can recite the last four digits of their Social Security number.  Payments to the scammers have been made with prepaid debit cards or through a wire transfer - payment methods that the IRS does not use.

If someone calls claiming to be from the IRS and uses threatening language if you don't pay immediately, it's probably not the IRS. The IRS usually contacts those who owe taxes by mail, not by phone.  The mail should be addressed to you only; if there is another name on the envelope, it may be some type of scam. 

If you feel you may have been the victim of any type of telephone or mail fraud, please contact the Downers Grove Police Department to make a report.  If the scam involves the IRS, you may also report the incident directly to the Treasury's Inspector General at 800-366-4484.