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Yard Waste Collection Resumes April 1

Republic Services will resume collection of yard waste on April 1. Yard waste includes leaves, grass clippings, twigs, small branches and other garden refuse. 

Yard waste must be placed in one of the following:

  • 33-gallon biodegradable paper bag
  • 33 gallon unlined can
  • Republic yard waste cart

Bundles of brush and tree branches may not exceed 4 feet in length and 5 inches in diameter and must be tied together with jute twine or uncoated string. Bundles must not exceed 2 feet in diameter, 4 feet in length, and 50 pounds in weight.

A refuse sticker must be attached to each bag, can or bundle. Bags, cans, or bundles may not weigh more than 50 pounds.

Carts or cans must be clearly identified as yard waste. Please mark any yard waste containers on the outside as YARD WASTE, or contact the Village for a decal.