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Modified Snow Ops Due to Limited Salt Supply

The Village has modified its snow and ice control operations due to a regional salt shortage. Due to the limited supply, the Village will be applying salt only in targeted areas where it is most needed. An emergency supply of salt is maintained for use and application in the most extreme conditions. The Village will continue to closely monitor the situation and work with its supplier to replenish the salt supply.

Here's what to expect during snow and ice events:

  • Salt mixed with some sand will be applied to all Priority 1 roads (roads with the highest traffic volume including roads near schools and those leading to Good Samaritan Hospital), hills, curves and intersections.
  • Downtown parking lots/sidewalks and train station platforms will continue to be cleared and salted.
  • Neighborhood roads may be snow packed.

Your safety is the number one priority for the Village.  Please drive slowly, use caution and leave extra space between vehicles when driving in winter conditions.