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Police Warn of Latest Phone Scam

Downers Grove Police want to make residents aware of a telephone scam currently being used in our area by criminals. In two recent incidents, Downers Grove residents were called by a man saying he was from Publisher's Clearing House. The telephone numbers associated with these long distance calls began with (202) and (876) area codes. 

In the first incident, the resident was told he won a large sum of money and a Mercedes Benz automobile. In order to collect the prize, the resident was told he had to show proof that taxes on the prizes would be paid. The resident was instructed to obtain two Green Dot Money Pak cards from a local retailer and to call the man prior to going into the store to purchase the cards. Upon returning home, the resident was instructed to notify the man again to receive the prize.

In the second incident, the resident was told that she won a large sum of money. However, in order to receive the prize she had to obtain a Green Dot Money Pak card and provide the caller with the card number. The resident was told this was insurance money to make sure the prize would go directly to her. 

Here are some important reminders regarding telephone solicitations:

  • Do not provide personal information to unknown callers.
  • If you're told to pay an advance fee to collect a prize, it's a scam.
  • Money Pak transactions are not refundable, cannot be reversed and are not FDIC-insured. 

If you receive a call regarding a cash prize award similar to the ones described here, do not give out any personal information and call 911 immediately.