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Downers Grove Ranked 8th Best City In Illinois

The Village of Downers Grove has been named the 8th Best City in Illinois by Movoto Real Estate. Movoto looked at the 50 largest Illinois communities and ranked them using the following six criteria:

  • Amenities (shopping, dining, entertainment, etc.)

  • Cost of living (percent above or below state average)

  • Crime (percent above or below state average)

  • Education (high school graduation rate compared to state average)

  • Employment (income and unemployment compared to state average)

  • Home value (percent above or below state average)

Movoto Real Estate described the Village as follows:

Talk about a misnomer - Downers Grove is anything but a downer, as recently ranked No. 8 in Forbes' list of America's Friendliest Towns.  In fact, unless you're talking about their incredibly low crime rate compared to the rest of the state, Downers Grove ranks pretty high in most things.

It is among the top in Illinois education, with a 12 percent higher high school graduation rate than the rest of the state and an annual household income of over $78,000 - 35 percent higher than average in these parts.

It has also been named one of CNN's best places to retire, for its abundance of parks, nature, and, of course, stellar hospitals.

More information on the designation and other communities on the list can be found here. à Link to