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SSA for Fire Protection District

The Village of Downers Grove is seeking to establish a Special Service Area (SSA) to levy a property tax in areas that receive fire protection and emergency medical services from the Village of Downers Grove.

Many of the parcels in the proposed SSA are part of the Fairview Fire Protection District, which levies a property tax, but contracts with the Village of Downers Grove to provide services. Due to property tax limitations, the Fairview Fire Protection District has not been able to levy an amount sufficient to cover the full cost of the contract, resulting in a situation in which residents of Downers Grove pay more for fire department services than the Fairview Fire Protection District residents pay.

The SSA will have the following components:

  • All properties within the Fairview Fire Protection District will be included in the SSA.
  • Other unincorporated properties that receive services will be included. Some of these properties have been billed directly for these services in the past.
  • The property tax levy shall not be higher than 5%. In the first year, the Village will levy 2.4% for the SSA.
  • The Village will incur costs establishing the SSA. These costs, estimated to be $20,000, will be added to the first year's property tax levy.
  • Upon establishment of the SSA, the Village will forgive the District's outstanding deficit.

The Village will hold a public hearing on October 15, 2013 at 7 p.m. in the Council Chambers at the Village of Downers Grove Village Hall.