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Land Purchase Contributes to Efficiency of Stormwater System

The Village owns and operates an extensive stormwater management system which consists of:

  • Approximately 7,000 drainage structures
  • 315 stormwater detention facilities
  • 130 miles of storm sewer pipes
  • 12 miles of streams
  • 140 miles of roadway ditches
  • 47,000 feet of culverts.

The majority of the time the Village's stormwater system is very effective and capable of handling the water runoff incurred during most weather events. However, severe rain storms such as those experienced in April 2013, reveal isolated areas in the Village where extensive flooding and property damage occur. In cases where the cost of constructing stormwater infrastructure to alleviate flooding to properties outweighs the benefits to the whole community, the Village may purchase houses and/or property in officially documented or designated flood prone areas.

The practice of purchasing flood prone properties has been in use by the Village since 1978. It is in the best interests of the Village and our residents to exercise this option, when warranted, to ensure the stability of neighboring property values, the safety and welfare of the public and maintain the integrity of the stormwater system.

Decisions to purchase flood-prone properties are made on a case-by-case basis following a thorough cost-benefit analysis. The property owner must be a willing participant to the process, with the purchase price based on the fair market value of the property. Once the property is acquired, the Village may choose to raze the home and maintain the land as open space or build infrastructure to improve storage or drainage capacity in the given area.

Funding for these types of land purchases may come from Village funds or through a combination of local and federal funds. Recently, the Village applied for a FEMA grant to acquire certain other properties within the federally designated flood plain. The grant was made available as a result of the April 2013 storms.  If awarded, the grant will cover 75% of the cost to purchase land in designated flood plains and raze existing structures.