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Extra Metra Trains for Friday Blackhawks Rally

Metra will be adding service on most of its lines, including BNSF/Downers Grove, to accommodate Chicago Blackhawks fans attending the downtown parade and rally on Friday, June 28, 2013. The event is expected to draw large crowds and Metra will be adding as many trains as possible and expanding capacity on scheduled trains. Riders should be aware that morning and evening rush-hour trains, as well as trains immediately before and after the event, are likely to be very full.  

Trains may depart early if they reach capacity, so be sure to allow adequate time to arrive at the station and board the train.  Due to the event, bikes and alcohol will be banned from all trains on Friday.

Details about extra service and schedule changes on each line are available HERE. Schedules and information may be revised by Friday, so check the Metra website before travel.

For those departing Downers Grove, the best bets for parking are at the Fairview Avenue or Belmont Road stations.