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Notice of Bicycle and Unclaimed Property

The Village of Downers Grove will soon be disposing of the following unclaimed bicycles. 

If you believe any of these items belong to you, please contact Property Control Officer Dru Ingram at (630) 434-5637, before June 15, 2015. Unclaimed bicycles will be donated to Working Bikes after that date.

Table 1: A list of unclaimed property for sale.
Serial NumberMakeColor
 k7J0004688 Haro Black
WIU338C9531H Trek Gray
SL03631778  Magna  Purple
SNHED10A02189 Huffy  Black
SNFSD10AB5847 Schwinn Black
None Huffy Purple
C963AGB001 Marin Gray
C72F2666 Trek Silver/Blue
AX205945 Schwinn  Blue 
SNCAB04H76657 Schwinn Purple
GK52011764 Schminal Silver
GB02C35780 Huffy Pink
TBI-0415C62E5118 Gary Fisher Blue
None Mongoose Brown
ACS7G14178 Diamondback Purple
C1C213A0685 . Black
99TD307886 Magna Green
K90009562 Haro White
SNHTC13M97512 Huffy Red
J226056 Murray Black
J1309832 . Green
99TD299013 Magna Black
SNFSD10ME6424 Roadmaster Purple
RMC24429424 FS Elite Blue
SNMNG10003354 Schwinn Gray
M7EG07979 Schwinn Green
LWFK002936 Next Red
SNHBV0SC06200 . Blue
SNFSD08DE3343 Mongoose Blue
AL07DG63606 Huffy Red
KHF3A08703 Huffy  Red
07G0U14909 Iron Horse Red
AL07H082120 Huffy Red
SNFSD14DR3129 Mongoose Silver
SN1DC06011480 Schwinn Black
SNFSD14EA8265 Schwinn Red
CSC2E59417 Schwinn Purple
K6677R175822F2129 Huffy  Green