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Survey of Historic Buildings Begins March 31

Work to complete an inventory of historic buildings in Downers Grove is scheduled to begin the week of March 31, 2013. To help identify potentially historic and architecturally significant buildings, field research will be conducted in various neighborhoods. Village representatives will likely be taking photographs from the street or sidewalk and recording notes about the location and architectural details of specific homes. Neighborhood residents will be notified in advance of this activity as it is scheduled to occur in their area.

The data collected will be used to prepare a historic architectural resources report. The creation of the report moves the Village one step closer to protecting Downers Grove's unique and historic residential neighborhoods. The report is being funded in part by a $15,000 grant from the state of Illinois Certified Local Government program, which recognizes and supports local historic preservation activities.

This activity is being managed by the Community Development Department.  For questions about the photograpy/crew, the research, or if you would like to contribute information about your house, please contact 630.434.5515 or email