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2012 Capital Projects Report

At the December 18, 2012, Council Meeting, Public Works Director Nan Newlon presented a summary of the 2012 Capital Improvement Projects. By all accounts it was a successful year, as the Village completed approximately $20 million in capital projects in the areas of streets, stormwater, water, and sidewalks-- on time and within budget.

"Of the projects we've closed out, the total changes from the award amounts has been a reduction of about $60,000, or 0.3% of the total amount awarded by the Village. This is a result of good work by our engineering staff in both the design and construction phases of the projects," Director Newlon said.

Sustainable funding for the Village's infrastructure systems was a primary focus of the Long Range Financial Plan meetings conducted earlier in the year. As a result, the Village issued $25 million in bonds this year to reconstruct Grove Street and streets in the Knottingham and Valley View Estates subdivisions. Significant investment was made to the Village's street system this year including:


  • Over $7.5 million invested by the Village in street reconstructions;
  • Over $4.3 million contracted for street maintenance;
  • Over $70 million in infrastructure constructed by agencies other than the Village


The Village also completed over $3 million in stormwater projects this year including capital maintenance, high priority projects, and storm sewer replacements.Over $6 million of improvements to the water system were also completed in 2012.

There were also significant investments made in the community by other entities which help to reduce the Village's long term maintenance costs and improve safety and reliability including:

  • Belmont Underpass: $60 million dollar project by Metra, the State of Illinois, DuPage County, and the Illinois Commerce Commission.;
  • 75th Street Improvements: $11 million project by DuPage County to improve 75th Street from Lyman to I-355.