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2012 Awards & Recognitions

2012 has been a very productive year and on many occasions the activities undertaken by the Village were noticed by professional organizations outside the community. Derived from the hard work and dedication of elected officials and staff members alike, this recognition ultimately reflects the entire organization's commitment to enhancing the quality of life for the citizens of Downers Grove.

The 2nd & Cumnor Stormwater Detention Facility, Comprehensive Plan and FY2012 Budget Documents are just a few examples of the high priority items that have been awarded for excellence.  As a result, Downers Grove continues to be a recognized leader among municipalities.

The accolades received in 2012 were presented at the December 18, council meeting by Mary Pratt, Emergency Operations Coordinator and are featured in the attached video clip. The accompanying chart describes the benefits associated with several of these key accomplishments and a complete list of the awards with links to more information is also included. 


Table 1: List of awards and achievements.
Award Community Benefit
GFOA Budget Award Demonstrates commitment to responsible & transparent use of public funds to the community & financial ratings agencies;  lowers borrowing costs
2nd & Cumnor Stormwater Detention Facility Showcases an environmentally sustainable stormwater project that has alleviated flooding
Comprehensive Plan Recognizes the Village's efforts to plan for the long-term needs of the community
Top Transit Communities Publicizes the Villages location and accessibility, which are often cited as primary reasons people chose to move to Downers Grove
Staff Presentations and Publications Provides opportunities for staff to share best practices and participate in forums that promote continuous improvement


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