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Unclaimed Property

The Village of Downers Grove will be using to sell the following items of unclaimed property.

If you believe any of these items belong to you, please contact Property Control Officer Dru Ingram at (630) 434-5637, before October 21, 2012. Items will go up for sale on the PropertyRoom site on that date.

Table 1: A list of unclaimed property for sale.
Case#Serial NumberMakeColor
11-9118 DJD0054034 Boys Next Blue
11-9429 M7CF16499 Schwinn Blue
11-9665 99212211 Magna Red
11-9724 KEO5A0 Huffy Blue/Silver
11-9734 HC1140126 Pacific Blue
12-5011 02TD846605 Next Red
12-5012 CA10203623 Motiv Blue/Silver
12-5407 DM050099 Next Silver/Red
12-5717 466C69113616H4470 Huffy Blue
12-5744 59213181 Magna Green
12-5798 99TD058632 Next Red
12-5919 LWJD022845 Next Red/Silver
12-5918 60741394 Columbia Brown
12-6104 SL03434038 Next Red
12-6157 AV244103 Mongoose Blue
12-6266 SNSFD06DC9940 Roadmaster Silver
12-6289 SNGNP07A28508 Mongoose Yellow
12-6781 DJDD092400 Next Red