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Rain Garden Helps to Reduce Runoff

The Village recently completed installation of a rain garden (pictured) on the east side of Washington Street, just north of 59th Street. The rain garden will help alleviate problems associated with standing water, while providing an aesthetically pleasing view. The native grasses and flowers selected to take root were chosen for their ability to withstand periods of inundation and over time will fill in the landscape. An underdrain was also installed to allow Village staff to periodically monitor the amount of water that is sitting below the surface.

Previously, this Village right-of-way consisted of turfgrass. Due to a small depressional area and surrounding elevations, stormwater runoff frequently collected here for long periods of time, creating a potential breeding ground for mosquitoes and unhealthy climate for the turfgrass. 

Since there was no storm sewer infrastructure within the immediate vicinity of the project area, it was necessary to find a way to manage stormwater runoff on-site. The rain garden creates a larger depressional area that can hold more runoff than before and sits on top of 2 feet of sand/soil mixture and 3 feet of stone. These layers help the collected water drain back into the surrounding soil, instead of remaining stagnant at the surface.

This pilot project is an example of what can be done on a residential scale to alleviate large amounts of standing water.  It is a great way to manage the runoff in a sustainable way without adding more stress to the Village's existing storm sewer infrastructure.