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Stormwater Utility Update

At the meeting on Tuesday, April 10, the Village Council adopted a motion by a vote of 6-1 directing staff to implement a stormwater utility system within the Village of Downers Grove. 

This Council action changes the fee structure from the original proposal in the following manner:

  • Stormwater fees will be $8.40 per ERU instead of $6.30.
  • The Village property tax levy will likely decrease by 19% instead of 10%.
  • The period for reaching the recommended level of service will increase to 15 years instead of 10 years.

With these changes the stormwater utility will pay for all stormwater costs including the debt service payments on the 2008 stormwater bonds.  Annual increases to the overall fee schedule will be less now that the period to reach the recommended level of service has been extended.  Beginning in 2013, all property owners in the Village can expect to pay a monthly fee based on a property's impervious area.

(Table 1) Fees Including the 2008 Bond Issuance Debt Service Payments Increased to the Recommended Level Over a 15-Year Period

Table 1: Stormwater utility fees over next 15 years.
Monthly Stormwater Fee: Single Family Residential
Tier 1: (1 -
2,500 sq. ft.)
$6.30 $6.71 $7.22 $7.79 $8.42
Tier 2: (2,501
- 4,000 sq. ft.)
$8.40 $8.94 $9.63 $10.39 $11.23
Tier 3: (4,001
- 7,000 sq. ft.)
$12.60 $13.41 $14.44 $15.58 $16.84
Monthly Stormwater Fee: Non-Single Family Residential
(3,300 sq. ft.)
$8.40 $8.94 $9.63 $10.39
Fee Revenue
$3,514,976 $3,771,433 $4,059,790 $4,379,867 $4,735,153

Over the coming weeks, the Village will be providing additional information to show how these changes will affect individual property owners.

The benefits of shifting to a stormwater utility to pay for the cost of owning and maintaining the stormwater system include: 

  • Creating a system in which properties pay for their portion of the stormwater system's expenses, since all properties benefit from the system.
  • Increasing awareness about the Village's stormwater management system.
  • Encouraging property owners to reduce the amount of stormwater run-off from their property by implementing management measures such as rain barrels and detention basins.
  • Providing a predictable and sustainable funding source to properly maintain the stormwater system.

The information on the Stormwater Utility page was developed to provide details about the creation of a proposed stormwater utility system in Downers Grove.  This material will remain in this location as an important and transparent archive of this process.  Readers are advised that the most current information on this subject will be added above the April 10, 2012 date line in this section.