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What's Going on with Pavement Patching?

As work to improve road conditions advances, residents may have noticed that navigating streets throughout the Village has become difficult. Many streets in the Village have had their top surface removed or milled in the last month in preparation for asphalt patching.

The Village apologizes for this inconvenience and realizes that this activity can be frustrating to drivers, as well as the residents who live on the affected streets. 

Crews are in the process of working to complete these improvements as quickly and as safely as possible. Paving near schools is underway so that these streets are completed before school is back in session. Work will continue the week of August 22, 2011 on the south side of town on streets that were first milled. Crews will work towards the north side of town and the entire process should take between 5 to 6 weeks to complete from the time milling occurred.

While this type of maintenance is done annually using an outside firm, this year the Village is augmenting this activity by performing patching with in-house crews. This will result in a cost savings, as well as a 50% increase in the number of streets that will be improved. Due to the availability of rental equipment used to prepare the streets, all streets scheduled for patching were milled in succession, rather than milling a section first, then paving it before continuing on another street.

Thank you for your patience as crews work to complete these vital roadway improvements in advance of the winter season.


9/30/2011  The contractor that was recently hired to complete streets in the 2011 Patching Program will assist to complete the streets included in the in-house patching program. It is estimated that all streets scheduled for in-house patching will be completed by the end of next week.(week of October 3).

9/16/2011 Patching has been completed on the following street sections: Palmer - Dunham to Saratoga, Lyman - Claremont to Jay, Webster Ct., Powell - Palmer to 67th, Blanchard - Dunham to Main, Jefferson - Dunham to Middaugh, Carpenter Ct., Florence - 2nd to 4th, Florence - 4th to 5th.

Patching is scheduled for the week of September 19 on the following street sections:  4th - Willams to Victor, 3rd - Fairview to Cumnor, Cumnor - 2nd to 8th, Victor - 2nd to 8th, 7th - Cumnor to Williams, 6th - Cumnor to Willams, 8th - Cumnor to Williams, Berrywood - 65th to 66th, Blodgett Ct., 66th - Berrywood to Briargate, Hillcrest - south of 61st, Curtiss between Belmont & Cornell, Inverness from 2407 to 2435, Walnut - south of College.

9/9/2011 Pavement patching was completed this week on 67th Place, Powell and Valley View.  Streets scheduled for the week of September 12 are Palmer, Barrett, Saylor, Carpenter Ct and the area north of 55th Street, south of the BNSF Railroad and east of Fairview.

9/2/2011  Pavement patching has been completed on Stonewall, Cornell, Seeley, Montgomery, Woodward and Grove. Streets scheduled for the week of September 5 are 67th Place, Powell, Palmer, Barrett, Carpenter Ct., and Valley View.

8/26/11 Pavement patching was completed this week on streets within school zones including Oakwood, Grant, Burlington, Grand and Woodward.  Streets scheduled for the week of August 29 are  Stonewall, Cornell, Seeley, Montgomery, 67th and Valley View.