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Belmont Underpass Update

The Belmont Station will be taken out of service on Saturday, August 13, 2011 to facilitate the completion of track relocation and platform work. Haddow Avenue, west of Belmont Road, is being lowered approximately three feet (3') to meet the new pavement elevation for Belmont Road.

The first stage of this work was completed last week with the lowering of an existing water line on the south side of the street. The contractor completed pavement lowering on the south side of tracks and construction of the new driveway entrance of the commuter parking lot this week.  The lowering of the north side will begin the week of August 15.

At the time that school begins, it is planned that the roadway regrading will be complete and backfilled with stone. Final paving will likely occur the last week of August. Metra's construction manager has met with the principal of Puffer School to review the schedule.

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