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Downers Grove and Westmont Merge 911 Dispatch

The Villages of Downers Grove and Westmont have announced the introduction of consolidated dispatching services for police and fire 9-1-1 emergency calls.  The shared communications center is now operational in the existing facilities of the Downers Grove Police Department after nine months of transitional work by a dedicated team of employees from both jurisdictions. By reducing overhead costs and sharing operational expenses, it is anticipated that the joint dispatch center will result in an annual savings of $300,000 for Downers Grove and $220,000 for Westmont.

In addition to reducing costs, this joint operation will provide an enhanced level of service via a "fire-desk."  This mode of operation features trained personnel, on duty at all times, to handle the intricacies of dispatching fire and EMS (paramedic) related calls.

"Through this partnership, a great team effort has resulted in the provision of an enhanced level of service at reduced cost to taxpayers," stated Robert Porter, Downers Grove Chief of Police.

An intergovernmental agreement approved by both agencies in September 2010 provides the framework in which Downers Grove receives and dispatches Westmont police and fire 9-1-1 calls and monitors police and fire radio traffic on a 24-hour per day basis. Under the agreement, Westmont will pay for 40% of the total cost of the consolidated dispatch center and Downers Grove will pay 60%, based on call volume. Using this innovative approach, Downers Grove's dispatching center goes from serving a population of approximately 50,000 to serving a population of approximately 77,000.   The Village of Westmont has eliminated its physical dispatch center and moved operations to the Downers Grove Police Department.

"The cooperation and professionalism between the Villages is nothing short of outstanding.  Due to the high degree of knowledge, professionalism and dedication of all involved, we were able to complete this project in a very short period of time and we look forward to a long-term partnership with Downers Grove," stated Westmont Police Chief Thomas Mulhearn. 

Contact Doug Kozlowski, Communications Director at or 630.434.5550 for more information.