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Village and County Agree to Work Together on Stormwater Procedures

At their regular meeting on Tuesday, May 3, 2011, the DuPage County Stormwater Committee decided not to proceed with charges against the Village of Downers Grove for alleged violations of the County Stormwater Ordinance regarding the Bradley's Brookbank Prairie subdivision.The Stormwater Committee concluded that the County Stormwater Ordinance is not clear regarding the documentation and procedural requirements for the issuance of building permits when interim development conditions exist, i.e., partially completed facilities including stormwater basins.

The Stormwater Committee voted to direct staff from the County and Village to work together to develop interim development review procedures that will be included in the up-coming amendments to the County Stormwater Ordinance.  In addition, the Village agreed to continue working with County staff on the administration of stormwater permits for the development.

The proceedings stem from a complaint filed at the County alleging that the Village failed to enforce the Stormwater Ordinance at the Bradley's Brookbank Prairie subdivision, a partially completed, seven lot development near the intersection of 59th Street and Brookbank Road.

Throughout the ensuing investigation and review, the Village maintained that no violation of the County Stormwater Ordinance occurred.

According to Village Manager Dave Fieldman, "the Village voluntarily requested input and oversight from the County to ensure the project was in full compliance and looks forward to working with County staff on the continued implementation of what we know are best practices for stormwater management."

For more information, contact Doug Kozlowski, Communications Director at 630.434.5550.