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Bicycle and Unclaimed Property Auction

The Village of Downers Grove will be using to sell our surplus items. Following is a list of unclaimed property that will be available after April 25,2011.

For more information contact Dru Ingram at (630) 434-5637.

Table 1: List of bicycles for auction.
Serial Number Make Color
GK52479608 Boys Mongoose Blue and Silver
95TD126471 Boys Magna Blue
YF98F12521 Boys Raleigh Blue
UV05490997 Boys Jeep Comanche Black, Silver and Yellow
W930530506 Boys Royce Union Purple
IN99G14316 Boys Dyno Blue
99TD932625 Next Blue
KF04E09486 Boys Huffy Black and Orange
SNTDC08D14680 Girls Schwinn Ranger Pink
0B04C08825 Boys Huffy Granite Black
WTU073C0637B Boys Trek Silver
SNFS205D28576 Boys Mongoose DXL Red and Silver
SNACE07G0647 Boys Mongoose Silver
33210016 Girls Magna Glacier Purple
C12E008 Boys Gian Sedona Black and Silver
1414136 Boys Trek 950 Sinble Track Auburn Copper
59250614 Boys Magna Purple and White
F5050628 Boys Centurion Signet Red
LW08J82398 Girls Huffy Purple
SNHBC09K04860 Girls Huffy So Sweet Purple
8321GHUFFY26676 Girls Huffy Savanah Blue
LBCG002420 Girls Next Tiara Pro Purple
SNLSC10A28808 Boys Spiderman


48C3028 Boys Ironhorse Brown
A38039622 Boys Jeep Compass Orange and Silver