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Political Signs

It's election season again and time to remind everyone of the rules regarding the posting of political signs.

Section 28.9.030 of the Downers Grove Municipal Code - Zoning Ordinance - permits the following for temporary political signs: 

  1. Up to a total of 12 square feet of political signage may be placed on private property.
  2. Candidates are allowed to place signs only with the property owner's permission.
  3. Signs may not be placed in public rights-of-way. Generally, the right-of-way is the area between the sidewalk and the street.  In areas where there is no sidewalk, the right-of-way generally ends 20 feet behind the street. 
  4. There are no longer any time limits for placement or removal of political signs.
  5. Permits are not required for temporary political signs.

Signs that are placed in the public right-of-way will be removed and discarded by Village staff.  Candidates will be notified if their signs are found in unauthorized locations.   If campaign signs are habitually placed in the right-of-way, the Village may take additional enforcement measures including tickets and fines.

If the Village receives a complaint or observes signs on private property that are not in compliance with these standards, Village staff will contact the property owner and candidate to explain the requirements.