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Water Supply Meets EPA Standards

The Village of Downers Grove purchases Lake Michigan water that is supplied by the City of Chicago via the DuPage Water Commission.  Recently some questions have been raised regarding the quality of Chicago water.   Specifically, testing of Chicago tap water by an independent agency indicated the presence of Chromium 6, a carcinogenic heavy metal.  The U.S. EPA is currently evaluating new health effects data of Chromium 6 in drinking water.  It is expected that this evaluation will be completed in late 2011.  

In a statement issued by the City of Chicago's Department of Water Management, Commissioner Thomas Powers stated, "The federal government currently regulates Total Chromium. We (the City of Chicago) test for it, and are well within the prescribed limits set by the U.S. EPA." 

High quality, safe drinking water is an essential resource and the Village regularly tests its water supply.  The results of these tests are annually published in the Water Quality Report.  As indicated in the report, there are no water quality violations and the water meets, or exceeds state and federal standards.    

The Village of Downers Grove will closely monitor this situation and provide updated information as it becomes available.