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Downers Grove Recognized as a Leader in Govt

A goal of the Village in 2010 has been to re-establish Downers Grove as a recognized leader in municipal government. The first ten months of this initiative have been extremely successful. Below is a list of notable accomplishments contributing to this goal:

Illinois Association of Municipal Management Assistants (IAMMA) Outstanding Project Award – IAMMA recently awarded the Village their 2010 Outstanding Community Project Award for the Long Range Financial Plan.

Government Finance Officers Association Distinguished Budget Presentation Award – The Village received the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award from the Government Finance Officers Association budgeting.

State of Illinois Traffic Safety Challenge – The Downers Grove Police Department was selected as the top agency in the State of Illinois for Pedestrian and Bike Safety in the 2009 Illinois Traffic Challenge, which recognizes law enforcement agencies for their efforts in addressing traffic safety issues.  

International Association of Chiefs of Police Traffic Safety Award - The Downers Grove Police Department was awarded the 2009/2010 National Law Enforcement Challenge Top Municipal Agency with 76 to 100 sworn officers for their overall approach to traffic safety.

American Public Works Association (APWA) Technical Innovation Award – The Chicago Chapter of the APWA recognized the Prentiss Creek solar and wind powered streetlights with their Technical Innovation Award.

APWA End Loader Competition – Public Works employee Randy Somersett won the APWA end loader competition during National Public Works Week.   

Alliance For Innovation Recognition of Employee Engagement Efforts – In April, Village Manager Dave Fieldman and Deputy Manager Mike Baker participated in a webinar hosted by the Alliance for Innovation to discuss the Village’s efforts to enhance employee outreach, leading to creative and innovative idea generation.

Northern Illinois University Intern Supervisor of the Year – NIU recently named Deputy Manager Mike Baker as the Intern Supervisor of the Year. Mike was asked to lead a discussion regarding effective selection and engagement of management interns.

International Recognition -Public Works officials from Australia visited Downers Grove during their United States visit to attend the International Public Works Conference in Boston.  They expressed an interest in seeing our "non-powered" (hybrid) streetlights, which gained much recognition.  Staff showed them some of the highlights of our operation as well.

Illinois Chapter of the American Planning Association "Best Planning Tool "Award – The Community Mapping Tool used to identify locations and issues online during the Total Community Development (TCD3) prodess earned top honors for "Best Planning Tool" from the Illinois Chapter of the American Planning Associations.

Illinois Metropolitan Enforcement Group Director’s Award – Police Officer James McGreal has been selected to receive an Illinois MEG Director’s Award in recognition of his outstanding investigative skills.

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Award - The Washington Park Stormwater Improvement project constructed by the Village of Downers Grove was selected as the recipient of the 2010 American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Illinois Section Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award.