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Water Rate Increase

On May 1, 2010 the DuPage Water Commission (Water Commission) increased the rate for water charged to member communities, including Downers Grove. The Water Commission raised rates by 20.9%, which is estimated to increase the Village’s overall cost for water to $4.1 million annually. The increase in the rate the Village charges its customers ONLY covers the increased cost of purchasing water from the Water Commission.

Downers Grove water customers will see an increase in water rates reflected on bills beginning in July for their current water consumption as follows:

Table 1. Water rates.
Customer Type
Current RateNew Rate
Customers within Village limits $3.04 per unit $3.31 per unit
Customers outside Village limits (Unincorporated) $3.34 per unit $3.85 per unit

NOTE : Per our current business practice, customers are charged a minimum of 2 units per billing cycle. A unit is equal to 750 gallons.*

Raising water rates is a necessary measure to ensure that the Village’s water service levels and delivery are not compromised, and that the Village continues to operate within its budget. This item was discussed at the March 16, 2010 and April 20, 2010 Council Meetings. Links to the written materials and POD casts regarding this issue are provided below.

A comprehensive rate study is being conducted by the Village to determine how to set rates for the long-term to ensure the future viability of the water system in Downers Grove.