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Storm Debris/Response

Update 6/21/@ 10:30 a.m. As of 9:00 am Monday June 21, 2010 ComEd is reporting that they are working to restore power to about 300 customers in Downers Grove. In some instances power was restored for a brief period, only to be turned off again to facilitate repairs elsewhere.

ComEd is advising customers without power to contact 1-800-EDISON1 to ensure their outage is still listed as on-going. ComEd also suggesting that customers check their fuse/breaker panels to determine if a re-set is required. In any case, ComEd restoration crews will continue working throughout the day and evening to restore power to those impacted by the severe storm on Friday.

Tree and debris cleanup up will be ongoing for the next week as broken branches still hanging in trees start to turn brown. As a reminder, only public parkway tree branches will be removed. Homeowners will need to dispose of debris from private property through the curbside garbage pickup or private companies.

Power Outages

The Village is aware of scattered power outages in the Village. Com Ed is making every effort to restore power in a timely manner. News will be posted here as it becomes available.

Updated 6/20 @ 9:15AM:

Power has been restored to most customers in the Village, with the exception of parts of the northwest area. ComEd expects that power should be restored in all areas of Downers Grove by 11 pm tonight.

Updated 6/19 @ 8:15AM:

  • Large branches and at least 20 parkway trees down from Friday’s storms. Crews will be cutting up and chipping debris. Only public parkway tree branches will be removed. Homeowners will need to dispose of their debris themselves through the curbside garbage pickup or private companies. Cleanup up expected to be ongoing for the next week. Saturday’s goal is to remove large debris items by 7pm.

Updated 6/18 @ 10:10PM:

  • Hitchcock to Yackley – Highland to I355 – 868 DG customers potentially affected
  • Traube to Maple – Cass to Elm – 623 DG customer potentially affected
  • 63rd to 75th – Williams to Lyman – 325 DG customer potentially affected
  • 66th to Green Valley Drive – Briargate to Saratoga – 943 DG customer potentially affected

Updated 6/18 @ 4:29 p.m.

  • Severe storms with high winds moving through the Downers Grove Area have caused damage to trees throughout town. Public Works crews will be in the community throughout the weekend to deal with debris cleanup. The first priority will be to remove limbs and debris blocking streets or impeding traffic.

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