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Police Warn of Scams

The Downers Grove Police Department advises residents of the following types of crime that have become more prevalent in the region in recent weeks.

Unsolicited Offers /Free Inspections

Only permit companies that you have researched and hired to perform work on your home or property. A common soliciting scam is to offer “free inspections” and then perform the work without your consent, leaving you with a bill. Driveway sealing scams are especially popular in the summer.

Some solicitors may ask to enter your home to perform an “inspection”. NEVER allow anyone into your home uninvited. If a solicitor persists, call 911.

“Loved One in Trouble” Phone Scam

This scam usually targets senior citizens. The caller will claim to be a granddaughter or grandson that is desperate and needs money to get out of jail or some other type of trouble. NEVER send money to anyone that telephones you advising that a friend or loved one is in “trouble” and needs money fast.

Email Scams

NEVER wire money, cash checks for unknown businesses, or respond to suspicious e-mails. If in doubt, contact the police department at (630) 434-5600 for assistance.

Car Burglaries

This is one of the most easily preventable crimes, as thieves often randomly target unlocked vehicles. ALWAYS lock your car, even when it is parked in your driveway. Remove temptations such as GPS systems, laptops or other valuables from the vehicle or place them out of sight in the trunk.